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Considering this and get involve our kids with the positives of ICT in education and practice The Monthly Techworld Bangladesh has introduced Techkids the first of its kind ICT magazine for Kids in Bangladesh. It has been designed with numerous exploration and adventure articles for kids between the ages of 7 to 18.

The magazine is published 12 times in a year with different themes on each issue exploring a particular topic. It is packed with sentient articles, attractive photographs as well as a unique perspective of history and culture. Techkids perhaps one of the earliest teen magazine in the country.

Every issue of the Tech Kids magazine its filled with a lot of interesting and informative articles on ICT and its usages for help along with posters, real-life stories, as well as TV, video and music news. It's amazing that they do the images themselves what they use to design the magazine's cover and to put inside There are pictures of the most popular contemporary stars. Teenagers can find out about the latest fads and fashion and uses of gadgets as well as where to purchase them. There are contests which allow lots of interesting stuff to be won in each issue.

It is a good magazine for young girls and boys, especially preteens, who enjoy reading about latest movies, games, celebrities and music. Older girls and boys will also enjoy reading about their favorite ICT topics, gadgets updates along with game reviewed around the globe and the country.

During this 3 years and half years of journey Techkids became a team of teens who used to write read and share their ideas with each other.