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Walking towards dream

Years are like high speed trains. They never stop in one station but continue their journey in time eternal. When a year starts and ends, we capture all the evergreen moments and make a vow to start over all the incomplete tasks we had pledged once to complete. A new chapter in life is...

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Let me breath in green

Exam's over and going to visit my grandparents in the village. But who knew that this journey would be the journey of dream? Roaming around in the village and thinking about Jibananda Das. I'm feeling as if his words are returning in my heart. The more I am feeling the nature, the more I&...

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Crazy Dreams

Dreams are successions of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations that occur involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep... Hey Hey wait! Don't go away! I was just kidding(!) I'm not here to talk about some hard jawbreaker definations of dream but my "to do list" of...

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A Runway of thoughts about my Dream

In a general sense, we think that dream is a view which we imagine while sleeping. But if you ask my opinion, I think that is not completely true. Every dream is not dreamt unconsciously. Some dreams are lived being fully conscious or should I say,some dreams can take your sleep away. While some...

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Running after GPA 5 Forgetting Einstein

Mom never asked me to be the first in class or never react cruelly on my annual result. Just raise her voice little and say "you didn't try properly so try to do better in future". This year I am in class five and mom said I have to seat in PEC exam so I should work hard and he got...

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Counting every simple steps towards Dream

New year means new starting, thinking of something new, putting the dark past behind. People work to reach their goals or dreams always and sometimes the starting of a year adds some extra inspirations to do so. I also have dreams. That is to make 2015 a very happy and worth full towards my dream...

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