Let me breath in green

Exam's over and going to visit my grandparents in the village. But who knew that this journey would be the journey of dream? Roaming around in the village and thinking about Jibananda Das. I'm feeling as if his words are returning in my heart. The more I am feeling the nature, the more I'm falling in love with it.

I've been here when I was a child but then my legs weren't unbound, now I'm free. My desire for this freedom was somehow sleeping or hiding under the prison of the busy city life.

These trees, I've seen them a lot before but they never made me feel or think the way they are making me now. Green love of the forest, white smell of the fields is just filling up my soul with purity. Nothing to think about; just roam as you will and enrich your philosophy. Maybe that's why Jibanananda das said, “I’ve seen the face of Bengal; thus, I don't need to search the beauty of the world."

Showering in the cold breeze under the full moon and with the light of the fireflies I started to paint my dream. I will roam around these very villages, will visit every corner of each village and bliss my eyes with nature. I will feel the nature from very close with all the love my heart can hold. I will grow up, I will run, I will run in search of paradise.
Rodoshe tasnim toky
Viqarunnisa Noon School And College 
Class: XI (Science)