Walking towards dream

Years are like high speed trains. They never stop in one station but continue their journey in time eternal. When a year starts and ends, we capture all the evergreen moments and make a vow to start over all the incomplete tasks we had pledged once to complete.

A new chapter in life is waiting to be written. As an eventful year draws conclusion, a new year knocks at our door and we take a step forward towards achieving our dreams. Life without dream is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly. Similarly like others, I have been seeding a dream since childhood of being a doctor, not just to hold a position in society but to serve the people of my society. Every year I take a step forward towards achieving my dream. We are the new aliens of this cutting-age or state-of-the-art technology. And this technology will be the icing on the cake for my dream in 2015.

Technology is playing a big role in the advancement of medical science today. Many mobile medical apps will be available to open doors to virtual treatment. Devices will soon be welcomed in the tech-market that can track blood pressure, heart beat and physical situations. In 2015 a cancer-detector bracelet is also proposed to be available which would scan genes and cells in the body to find any traces of mutation. Telemedicine will be more popular due to rapid growth of Internet technology. I believe 2015 will be the year that our government flattens the obstacles to country wide access for patients and hope that health care services keep pace with technology to create better access.

Let's start it a fresh. Tearing off the past is a better option but learning mistakes from it is the best option. As the clock strikes to a new year, let's together see a dream because to dream is to: D-Dare --- R-Reorganize----- E-Emphasize----- A-Affirm & ---M-Make it happen. Dare ,Reorganize , Emphasize, Affirm & finally Make it happen. Yea I dare to achieve my dream and for that I am assertively emphasizing and reorganize myself in this new year with the hope to make my dream happen.
Syeda Labiba Faiza Uzma
Class- X