Crack Platoon

I dont ever want to touch the sky. cause it will loose its appeal then . Am I right or wrong? Actually I just love to get mad at the untouched beauty of sky . But if I reach the sky and achieve it then I should know how keep it. So too dream is easy but its difficult to achieve and more difficult to keep it and nurse it for the further. as I love to dream though I don't want to make it real . Those who say that dreaming is rubbish , actually they dont knowhow to dream . But sometimes I early want to make my dreams real when , when it become too special to me . recently I came to know about the Crack Platoon the real story of 17 warriors during the 1971 war.

Do you know about those 17 warriors of "crack platoon"? I recently got to know about them .Yeah , just recently , which I should know as a basic knowledge. Crack Platoon or Dhaka Crack Platoon was a special commando team of the Mukti Bahini which was formed in 1971 during the Bangladesh Liberation War. It was a suicide squad formed by young members of Mukti Bahini which carried out commando operations in Dhaka and its surroundings. The commandos were mostly students and civilians, received guerrilla training later in the training camps for Mukti Bahini in India and then engaged in battle against Pakistan Army. So , you see ? without knowing them truly, yes truly, how should we respect them ?? how feel their sacrifice for the shake of our beloved country? Like Crack Platoon we have lot of untold stories of our libration war that we the young kids need to know. Coz it is matter of our identity.

And we can use technology as a tool or platform to spread our history to reach the mass. Moreover we are working towards digital transformation.And dreming about our digital life , our digitalized country ! but still dont have a website or something which can give us a real picture of those glorious moments , the stories of our liberation war ! Yeah , here comes my dream !I wish I can make such a website which will provide us all the informations about our liberation wars told and untold stories . We can also share any of our thoughts about it . The world should get to know that who we are the peerless nation to face any challenge. And we do have courage to face all the troubles ; so why we cant make it real ?? I believe that its not hard that too if will all work jointly .

I dont know if we can make it possible or not but we will surely give a try I PROMISE . Because all of we have to cherish and dreamt a country called Sonar Bangla. Information is the key to spread this dream all over the mass.

But sometimes I also get suttered seeing all those erroneous happening . Though i am an optimistic , but I am truly worried . Don't know where will we stop. Till that day , when my dream will become true , I am with my nightmares.

Maisha Samiha Oishio
iqarunnisa Noon School And College 
Class: XI (Science)