I Dream

"What's your dream?"-this query, I fear. Whenever someone asks me about it, unpredictably I've been snapped in the core of nowhere. What do people mean by having a dream? I never get the idea. I mean, how can one have a particular dream eternally?

People wanna know about the dreams I see in my sleep or the ones I see with my open eyes or my fantasy world? As far as I now, people ask about our life's aim as if we can only dream about becoming 'someone' in the FUTURE! Do they really wanna know what we wanna be or do they wanna make sure if we're following the path they've secretly chosen for us?

Once I dreamt about becoming a super model; now I don't. I've lost million of dreams. In loss of each dream, I got two more. Dream shouldn't be the verdict about our income; dream is a continuous turn of our mind that reflects our feelings and hopes.

One moment I might like bitter; next moment I may buy a chocolate. Alike, dreams vary too. Despite the age people dream about million things; some are fancy, some are realistic and some, gaily thoughts. And so do I. I dream about a lot of potential, a lot of hope and rays of my own.

Yeah, I have ups and downs in life but latterly, I can smile. now, I am me and when I grow up, I wanna stay 'me' Because that's who I am. I may be a programmer or a model or even a cartoonist. It doesn’t matter what I become to earn money; my dream shall be free. As of now, I have this wild dream about travelling to all the countries of the world and Taste, hear and feel every society, culture. I wanna know their glory and pain; discover the deepest color of earth. Live life now, dream all you can and smile cause life has yet to offer you a lot.
Fabi Nahian Madhurja 
Viqarunnisa Noon School And College 
Class: XI (Science)