Who will fix the Aim

Everyone loves to dream. Sometimes people lost in dreams. Because of dream people find out the way to live after hundred of failures.

I am not different of this. I also watch dream. My dream is I want to be a doctor. I have this dream from my childhood. In my childhood, one day my father said me, "mamoni, you know what I have seen in my dream last night? I saw a fairy came in my dream and told me that your daughter would be a doctor in future". That time it has made me happy.

Now I understand my father also has dreamed the same for me. Its good coz if it was different then it will tough for me to agreed. But that is for sure that I wasn't disappointed my father but sacrifice my aim and my dream.

I am lucky that I no need to do that but some of my friend have to. Their aim and dream are different than their parents. Most of them are compromising their dream with it. Is it wise? I do not know but I feel sad for my friends as they are going to live others life forgetting their own dream. May be parents are best to understand our future but their could be discussion between us to fix the aim. Sorry if I found wrong.

Anyway Father's this dream always Inspire me. It is always peeps me eyes. My dream is not only to be a doctor. I want to serve for humankind. I want to give free treatment to the poor. At least one day in a week, I will serve people of my village. That is my dream. Time to time, I am moving forward of my dream. One day my dreams come true. I am waiting for that day.
Farin Mahajabin Chaity 
Viqarunnisa Noon School And College 
Class: XI (Science)