Counting every simple steps towards Dream

New year means new starting, thinking of something new, putting the dark past behind. People work to reach their goals or dreams always and sometimes the starting of a year adds some extra inspirations to do so. I also have dreams. That is to make 2015 a very happy and worth full towards my dream as every year I am working a steps ahead of it.

Yes from my childhood I cherish a desire to keep my steps in a campus where I may learn and enjoy my study. Yes I can fell the smell of its air and can fell the legendaries movements, steps and sounds in ether. it's the place from where our language movements has started so does the independence. Yea I am talking about University of Dhaka. I wish I will get the chance to study there specially in in Chemistry.

Studying chemistry can be stressful and feel overwhelming. There is no magic formula for learning chemistry, but you can develop an effective strategy for success. Whether you're in middle school, high school or college, these simple steps will get you on the right 2015 is a crucial year for that as it is just the year of my intermediate life. My another dream, a funny one, is to make animation movies and win an Oscar. I love watching animated movies. Animation movies take me to my childhood, where everything was so perfect, when life was easy. Imagination takes you wherever you want. But the reality doesn't allow that. As in my dreams I can imagine myself in Universal Studio. Where I'm holding some papers and pencils and making sketches. Sometimes tearing the pages apart at not liking the idea. Working with computer graphics and giving my ideas life. It's like a hallucination. Fairy tales, Tom & Jerry, Pokemon, Tinker Bell- the world has always been so colorful, full of love, simplicity, tenderness, different from the cruelty.

Two years ago, when I started writing in Techkids, my first article title was Aimless. It was to express my confused feelings of then regarding how aimless I was. As for now, I have a dream. I see dreams. I want to live my dreams.
Maesha Mushsharat Aadrita 
Viqarunnisa Noon School And College 
Class: XI (Science)