Running after GPA 5 Forgetting Einstein

Mom never asked me to be the first in class or never react cruelly on my annual result. Just raise her voice little and say "you didn't try properly so try to do better in future". This year I am in class five and mom said I have to seat in PEC exam so I should work hard and he got me admitted in a coaching.

Till then mom was my teacher. I have nothing to say but disappointed a lot as the schedule is conflicting my laser free time. I usually play at the evening that I need to stop for that. Once I asked mom about her childhood specially when she was in the same class like me. She felt sad and told me "Dear I am so sorry that you don't have childhood like us as we did not appeared PEC like this".

Then I thought myself why I should?? Did not made the courage to ask her coz my mom is a rational and logical women so far I know. She is a successful educated women and running her own business in ICT. How she became success and achieved all those degree without having a PEC or JSC??

Why all of my classmates do not have time to play or smile? So why we are learning sports is necessary to growing up healthy? Why fahim my friend suffering from obesity may once I also?? I am too younger to ask as mom used to say. But another day I again asked mom "Mom you want me to get golden A+? "she replied "No dear" I want you to study hard and be a good human being" How sweet . But what can I do ? Because last year most of our school students got GPA 5 with golden so it is general and I don't want others to underestimate me.

So have to get GPA 5 in my PEC. And I promise not to argue with my mum. I will not play Games but to go coaching. Will forget about Einstein and stop asking question. Just starting to run after GPA 5 .
Shaiyan Kabir 
BIAM Labratory school