A Runway of thoughts about my Dream

In a general sense, we think that dream is a view which we imagine while sleeping. But if you ask my opinion, I think that is not completely true. Every dream is not dreamt unconsciously. Some dreams are lived being fully conscious or should I say,some dreams can take your sleep away. While some people groan at dreams not becoming true, I believe my dream can come true. I want to make my dream come true as my dream is not only a dream but also my ambition, hope and challenge. My dream is to become a pilot. Yes, a pilot because I found a lot of opportunity there specially for women. It's a challenging profession so far I understand and as being a fearless nation I love to face the challenges.

Our girls and women's proves themselves and working right standing beside their male counterpart in different professions. so why not in the sky. You know Of the 3,500 pilots employed by British Airways, just 200 are women, et the airline still employs the highest proportion of female pilots of any UK airline. Globally, around 4,000 of the 130,000 airline pilots are women, according to the International Society of Women Airline Pilots. Fewer still are captains worldwide, there are around 450. Passengers still react with surprise when they see a woman flying a commercial aeroplane, more than 40 years after the first one h the controls.

Why are there still so few female pilots?

Because we dare to dream and I want myself to come out of that.My parents never completely understood passion for the profession therefore never really encouraged or supported me to enter into this challenge or anything that leads to such challenging life. But it is true that I come from a middle-class family. Hence, they can never be able to afford such expensive course of education. So, it was never easy for me. Still it is not being an easy choice as a job for me. But since I started dreaming of becoming a pilot four years ago, the dream became my oxygen. Yes, my O2. I mean, you can almost see the kind of confidence the uniform gives you, the adventures the job promises you whether you become a commercial pilot flying a passenger plane or you become a fighter pilot who flies a MiG 69 or something. I want to experience those adventures, establish and empower myself into a confident woman . I really want to fly in the sky!The more it seems to be difficult to achieve it, the more I want to chase it. I am that much determined. I believe strongly that I will succeed.
Angona Biswas (Nava) 
Viqarunnisa Noon School And College 
Class: XI (Science)