Naznin Nahar

Editor, The Monthly Techworld Bangladesh
Publisher, Techkids

I have a dream that our kids should live in a country where they will not disappointed by leaders activities, Can breath in green & inspired by nature and enjoy their leaser with smile. They can grow with their identity as a fearless nation in the globe.

I'm a big believer to help our kids to grow properly by walking our talk. They are watching and paying attention to everything we do. Everything!

If you have doubts about this, all you have to do, is spend a day with your 2 year old kid (if you have). They mimics everything, trying it out for herself, seeing how it feels, making it her own.

When they are teenagers they do it by testing the waters of adult behavior and activities. When they are in middle school, they polish and fade between make believe they are all grown up and spending time in the familiar space of childhood. And we have all seen our 2 year olds trying to brush the floor or put on makeup or help us with the dishes. They are watching us all the time!

So, what can we do to promote creativity, living with passion and living a life of purpose with our children. Also need to Work to offering them the opportunity they need, became their inspiration by doing right. We can model for them, each and every day. So that our little dreamers can live in their dreamland (Bangladesh) with hope.